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Updated Macro's guide available
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 25 January 2017 04:34 PM

The new macro guide (version 1.2) is available.

This has been updated to include all the latest macros, with the addition of 2 new sections; macros to use in reports (e.g. Picking List) and One Stop Order Processing fields that can use macros (e.g. Email subject).

The Macro Guide is available within the software by use the Help->Macros Guide menu option. You can also download it from the Downloads page on the main website


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New Beta V2.0.0.34 - Build 1940 Available
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 24 January 2017 04:19 PM

We have a new Beta available on the website, the following video will show you some of the new features and how they work.


Website Support

. Support for Amazon Prime Logistics added
. Added support for Yodel Domestic and International (including courier label creation and printing)
. Custom Couriers can now be selected for Rules
. Support added for OnBuy
. Stock control is now optional for Amazon FBA orders
. Automated order processing support added for Shopify

Other Features

. Allow average order weight to automatically be calculated couriers
. Macros added for Import date and original quantities ([%QTY_ORIG_PRODUCTS%] for Sales Reports, [%IMPORT_DATE%] for Invoices etc.)
. OSOP import macros added to support names and addresses as a single entry (Customer Name and Customer Address fields)
. Courier rules can now use a 'Is one of' and 'Is not one of', to allow lists of values to be used in tests (e.g. Austria,Spain)
. Couriers can now be selected on size of order (using Maximum Width, Height and Depth)
. RoyalMail CN22 and CN23 labels can have different Tariff codes and quantities
. Max Online Stock Level to Display feature added. Useful feature designed create demand for your products
. Picking List button added to main screen
. Option added for CSV export to automatically remove any new lines included in order details
. Rebranding of products completed. Standard and Standard Plus version of One Stop Order Processing merged to create One Stop Order Processing Professional.

Bug fixes
. Viewable website SKU lists are now updated when products are automatically linked together
. Imported and automatically created products now use the product stock defaults
. Allow labels to be cancelled for Couriers (if created on a different account)
. Improved error messages when changing One Stop Order Processing Sites
. Improved data access speed
. Problem fixed for shipping time on Amazon in certain time zones
. Improved support for some Ebay Stock Level Warnings
. Problem fixed with Product stock default values being reset
. ZIP codes and non UK postcodes are now formatted correctly

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Christmas Orders Alert
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 03 January 2017 09:30 AM

Urgent Alert:

One Stop Order Processing downloads orders for a fixed date range, if you have not been downloading orders regularly over the Christmas orders you may need to do a one off import with a longer date range to bring in orders from the holiday period.

To do this do the following :

. Click on the orange down arrow to open the import orders dialog
. For each of your imports do the following :

1) Double click on the import to open the import options.
2) Adjust the number of days to import order to 11.
3) Click Ok.
4) Click on import orders button to bring your orders into the system
5) When the import is complete, double click on the import to open the import options dialog again.
6) Change the number of days back to 5.
7) Close the dialog to save the changes.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and we wish you all Good Luck for the new year ahead of us.


The OSOP Team

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