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This product is only available for version 7 and lower of Actinic, the functionality was integrated into Actinic version 8 and above under the marketing mailing lists options.
To set-up One Stop Automation to automatically export email addresses using One Stop Email Marketing Advanced version as orders arrive use the following approach: Setting Up One Stop Automation to automatically export email addresses using One Stop Email Marketing Advanced versionTo automatically collect email addresses as orders are processed you should use the following steps.1. Run One Stop Automation and press the options button.2. Amend the default task or create a new one to have the follo...
If you want to select customers using a location that 'starts with' or 'ends with' the information will not be found. A work around is to select locations that 'starts with' select 'ends with' and to select locations that 'ends with' select 'starts with'.
You can export contact details, including email addresses, for all of your registered customers with our One Stop Marketing module - this will also apply to the Email Marketing module in Actinic V8. . Click on the export customers button on the main marketing tab. . Select customer or buyer details - if you want both, run this step twice. . Uncheck both the two and from dates - this will cause all customer details to be exported . Click on export to export your list.
A couple of years ago we were using your "One stop marketing for Actinic" with Actinic V7MU. We are now using V9 Multi User and would like to find a way to extract our customers’ emails for a marketing mail-out. {We have had an opt in question on customer variable 3} I cannot find marketing software for V9 on your site. What should I do?Our marketing program was added into Actinic for Versions 8 and 9.  If you go to Marketing  and then Mailing Lists you will find it there.
When you preview (or export) the user details from One Stop Marketing no customer details are found (or too few). This can be for the following reasons: 1. You have not selected the correct Order Status. To check this select Any. 2. If you are using split oder processing (i.e. the orders are downloaded onto 1 PC and the website maintained on another) make sure that both PCs are update with the orders and website products.