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Some fields are not included when I export the orders
Posted by Jan Strassen, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 03 October 2016 10:23 AM

You can select which fields can be exported. This is so that you can display some fields (for filtering or checking orders) and not necassarily be included in the export. For example, when exporting orders to a fulfillment company you would want to see the order value (to make sure that the amount is valid and paid for) but not export this information to a 3rd party. To configure whether a field is exported do the following:

1 Select the View->Customize current view menu option.
2 Find and select the field to be changed (in the Selected area).
3 Click on the Amend field details button.
4 Tick the Include in Exported information checkbox to allow the information to be included in an export or untick the field to not allow the field to be exported.

NOTE: If you want to include a certain field in exports in some views but not other views you should untick 'Include in Exported' information for the actual field value (e.g. Order Number) and when you want it exported add a Custom Value to the view and set its default value to be the actual field (e.g. Order Number) and then tick Include in exported information for the newly added Custom value. You will also need to add the field that won't be exported to the view (in the example Order Number). This is so that it can be referenced to by the Custom value.

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