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How to print barcodes on the invoice or packing list
Posted by Jan Strassen, Last modified by Pat Strassen on 16 November 2016 08:40 AM

You can amend your invoices or packing lists to show barcodes (to save re-keying the order number) by using the following approach

1 Download and install a barcode font. There are several free ones available including the following:


2 Amend the HTML template using your HTML editor (e.g. Dreamweaver). Copy the relevant text that you want as a barcode and add a * at either side to indicate the start and stop characters for the barode scanner. (e.g. *[%ORD_NUM%]* ), shown below:
Amend HTMl template
3 Assign the text the relevant barcode font, shown below:
Assign the font

4 When printed it will now show the required details as a barcode, an example is shown below.
Barcode Details

5 Advanced more detailed setup. If you are using html directly (or want to use printing macros to use barcodes) you can use the following HTML to use the barcodes. Assuming that you are using the barcode font shown above, add the following text around the text to change into a barcode add the following text to the HTML header, just before the </head> line.


<style type="text/css">
.style1 {font-family:"IDAutomationHC39M Free Version"}


Change the font to use for the relevant text using this style, e.g.


To change the text [%ORD_NUM%] into a barcode simply replace with


<div class="style1"> *[%ORD_NUM%]* </div>

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