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Restoring original Actinic Reports
Posted by Jan Strassen, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 03 October 2016 10:17 AM

If you have installed one of Mole End Software's integrated label reports and you want to restore the previous version (either Actinic's original version or a previous custom version) use the following procedure. You should not be running Actinic when doing this.

1. When you install a Mole End report it takes a copy of the previous report and puts it in a directory named MoleEndBackup under the report directory. For Actinic V8 this would be 'C:\Program Files\Actinic v8\MoleEndBackup'. Locate this directory.

2. The Invoice report is called Invoices{date}{n}.rpt. Where {date} is the date when the new report was installed and {n} is a unique number (incase you installed more than 1 report on the same day). For example, if you installed a new Invoice report on the 31st March 2007, the backed up copy would be named invoices20070331-1.rpt. The Packing List report is named orders.rpt and the Data Entry report is named DataEntry.rpt. If you had installed more than 1 Invoice report on this day it would have been called invoices20070331-2.rpt, invoices20070331-3.rpt etc..

3. Copy the required report from the MoleEndBackup directory into the reports directory. For Actinic V8 this is 'C:\Program Files\Actinic v8'.

4. Rename the current report to be restored. For example rename Invoices.rpt to Invoices.rpt.old.

5. Rename the Invoices{date}{n}.rpt to Invoices.rpt. For example rename invoices20070331-1.rpt to Invoices.rpt.

Note : If you have installed a custom report manually, you should restore the backup you made yourself prior to copying the new report in.

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