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My macro is too long for the field value
Posted by Jan Strassen, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 03 October 2016 10:20 AM

If you are using macros (to default certain values) these can get too long for certain fields. Your field macros can only be up 1023 characters long. If you macro would be more than this value you will need to split this over 2 or more fields. These values can then be added together in the required field. The example below explains how this can be used.

Example, to use a different shipping code value for each country.

1. Define Custom Fixed Value field 20 as

[%Country%][=]United Kingdom[FD1][[%Country%][=]Germany[FD2][]]

This will setup the codes for 2 countries.

2. Define Custom Fixed Value field 21 as

This will setup the codes for more countries.


3. Define Custom Fixed Value field 22 as

[%Custom Entered:Value 21%][%Custom Entered:Value 22%]

This will put the values of both fields in the field to export. As the value is only set in one of the fields it will show the result for the relevant country. If you exporting the fields uou should make sure that the first 2 custom fields (Custom Fixed value 20 and 21) should have Export information unticked.

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