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How to manage, filter and archive orders
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 11 July 2017 02:44 PM

Order Filtering

There are 3 ways you can filter orders in One Stop Order Processing.

1. Under the 'Order Selection' area on the main One Stop Order Processing page, you will see four fields that you can choose to filter on. These consist of Status, Highlight Colour, Dispatch Date and Shop Type. By clicking on the drop down menu next to these filters, you will be able to select a different field for each on.

For example, you can filter the status of the orders to only see ones that are 'Not shipped' so you know the ones shown are ones to be processed and shipped. Once you have selected a filter to use, you will need to select the red refresh button at the top to apply it.

2. By using the Advance Filtering faYou can filter on any of the displayed fields in the view. If you want to filter on a certain field, if you add it to the view and it will be selectable from the Advanced filters. 


3. Stored custom filters (Standard Plus version). You can add any filter, including adding your own SQL.

OSOP Filtering by Status

How to manage old orders

It's up to you. You can store up to 500,000 orders in one site. What most people do is only show unshipped orders. Then process those orders and when complete, mark them as shipped. You could also use colours to decide which orders to show.


You can also add custom fields where you can define your own values to filter on. People generally keep a month's or year's orders for customer support. Once not needed these can be archived to a different site. If the older orders are needed you can quickly change to an archived site to see the older orders.

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