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All field order values can now set to different types (Text, Number, Date or Price)
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Pat Strassen on 05 June 2015 07:42 AM

Introduced in version

In summary. if you use fields in your order views you can now change their type (from text) to text, number, date or price. This makes sorting by these fields easier. For custom fields you can also filter on the type (for example, you can have date ranges or orders shown greater than certain values for the custom fields).

If you want add any order details that are specific to your business you can add up to 350 additional values. These are split into 2 types of values.

Custom Fixed
These are fields that are fixed values or are based upon other fields (for example they can be the Total Shipping cost added to the Insurance cost). There are 300 of these fields. They are added in the Customize Current View dialog.

Custom Entered
These are managed in the same way as the Custom Fixed values. However, each order can have its own value. When you open an order the last tab is the Custom values tab. This allows you to override the default value on each of the Custom Entered values. There are 50 these fields.

Custom fields are very useful when you want to create custom order exports (for example, for different couriers or drop shipping companies).

For more information on how to set these up and add in any default values use the following link: