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How to make sure the shipped order status in One Stop Order Processing matches Amazon's shipped order status
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Beth Rose on 20 August 2018 11:02 AM

To update the shipping status in One Stop Order Processing to match that shown on Amazon do the following:

This feature is available with Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

1. Create an Unshipped report (login to Amazon Seller Central and select the Orders->Orders Reports menu option. The click on the Unshipped Orders tab and select Request Report).
2. When the report is available open the file in Excel (as a tsv file).
3. Copy the first column and paste into Notepad (to run notepad press the Windows Key and R then type notepad). 
4. The save the file as C:\OSOP\Unshipped.txt
5. In One Stop Order Processing tick Use Advanced Filtering.
6. Select the Order number field .
7. In Criteria select 'Is one of'
8. In the Value field enter !!C:\OSOP\Unshipped.txt
9. Click Refresh button (or View->Refresh menu option).

10. This will show only the unshipped orders.
11. Select all the orders select the first order, go to the end, hold down ship and click the right mouse button.

12. Select the Light green colour (so that all unshipped orders are now light green).
13. Untick Use Advanced Filtering.
14. In the Highlist colour filter select None.
15. Click Refresh button (or View->Refresh menu option).
16: This will now show all orders that are shipped.
17. Click on the check box below the orders.

18. This will select all the orders shown.

19. Click on Ship Orders.
20. Change the Status filter to Unshipped, the Highlight colour to Ignore, then Refresh the orders.
21. Select all the orders (select top order, go to end, the use shift key and select the last order), and select the Highlist Colour None.

22. All the orders shipped status wil now match Amazon.

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