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* One Stop Order Processing Software Overview
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One Stop Order Processing is an order processing software, allowing you to import your orders from all of the selling channels shown in the image below to the left. You can then utilize the details that have been imported by printing invoices, managing stock and emailing customers. You are then able to export this information straight from One Stop Order Processing into various other accounting and courier systems.

Software overview

Below you will see the main One Stop Order Processing screen. This is where you will complete the majority of your order processing tasks. You will import your orders into this area and from there you can carry out a number of functions to view the order details, print the invoices, mark as shipped and send emails.

Image 2 is where your orders will appear once they have been imported from your chosen selling channels.

OSOP Overview

Navigation bar buttons (Image 1)

At the top of the screen you will find 9 buttons with different functions which will allow you to import and export orders, change the view, change the settings and more. Here are the functions of each button.

Manual Order button

New Order

If you accept telephone orders, mail orders or want to enter manual orders click on the New Order button.
Import Orders Button

Open Site

You can create more than 1 site and process orders separately by changing the current site being used. This button allows you to select a different site to use.
Import Orders Button

Import Orders

To import orders click on the Import Orders button, from here you will be able to set up an import for any of your selling channels.
Export button

Export Orders

To export the details of all the orders (or selected orders), by clicking on the Export Orders button it will provide you with a list of 3rd party formats you can export to.
OSOP 'Options' Button


To access the options available click on the Options button.
View Button

Customize Current View

You can configure which fields are shown at the top of the main orders screen by clicking on the Customize view button.
Customers button

Show Customers

You can view all of the customers by clicking on the Customers button.
Product management button

Product Management

One Stop Order Processing allows you to manage your products and stock across multiple selling platforms. You can amend, import and export product information and stock. To see your current products click on the Product Management button.
Refresh button


The refresh button is used when you have made changes to the view or have created any filters, you will want to click this button to apply any changes.


Order Processing buttons (Image 3)

There are various processing tasks that can be done by using the buttons located at the bottom of the main One Stop Order Processing screen. Once you have ticked the orders you would like to process, the following buttons can be used to process these orders:

Print Invoice This will print an invoice for the orders selected
Ship Orders This button will mark the orders marked as dispatched on the system (For Professional & Premium users, this will update the shipped status for the orders automatically on eBay and Amazon)
Mark as UnPaid If you have an order that has not been paid for, you can use this button to mark the orders as unpaid.
Format Addresses This will format the names and addresses for orders making sure the first letters are capitalized.
Delete Orders This will delete the orders from the main One Stop Order Processing screen. (They will require purging after this to completely remove them from the system).
Print Packing List This will print a packing list for the orders selected
Track Online If you are using the tracking feature, this will allow you to create tracking details for the selected orders.
Archive Orders

You can archive orders to a different site if you do not want the orders to be in the current site.

Send Email This allows you to quickly send emails to selected orders to alert them of their orders being shipped/received or delayed.


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