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How to automatically mark Amazon orders as Shipped
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Beth Rose on 15 August 2018 08:33 AM

The following guide explains how to automatically mark Amazon orders as shipped.

This feature is available in the Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

When you click on the Ship Orders button on the main screen you can choose to update the Amazon website with shipping details (Courier and Tracking information). Amazon will then email your customer with the shipping details. 

A new options page has been added (Tools->Options->Shipping tab) that allows you to set the update website option and also configure the comments to use on an order.

You can automaticaly update the shipping information to fixed or variable values using the default shipping information.

Amazon shipping

For more details on how to setup default Courier information and customer feedback use the following link:


You can also update each order's values.

For more details on how to add the Courier and Tracking information to an order use the following link:


NOTE: When you are updating the Amazon website with shipment details any errors found are not shown immediately. This is because it does not always process requests quickly and can take several minutes. If any errors or warnings are found a message will be shown at the bottom right of the main screen () . This will display any Amazon errors or warnings.