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Can I include a gift message or additional information for each order line?
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Beth Rose on 09 August 2018 11:57 AM

Introduced in version

New fields have been added for additional information for each order line.

Message text
Each order line can now have a separate message, for example, a gift message. This is automatically imported for Amazon and Ebay orders. It can also be mapped for OSOP custom imports. The message field is shown in the Order details tab when you open an order. You can view and amend all of the values when you open an order line, shown below:

Other Item details
You can add or amend the additional 5 fields for an order by amending an order line, shown above.

Including new values existing templates
To include these values in Invoices, Packing Lists, Purchase Orders or emails use the following macros:


where n means the particular line in the order (e.g. 1).

For more information on these and other macros use the following link:

Invoice, Packing List and Purchase Order Options

Importing and Exporting new values
You can export the new values by adding these fields to your view (by using the View->Customize Current View menu option). You can import the values by including the following fields in your CSV import file.

Additional field values
Item Field1,Item Field2, Item Field3, Item Field4, Item Field5

Line item message
Item Message

For more information on importing these and other values use the following link:

Importing One Stop Order Processing Orders (Custom Import Format)