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How to Manually import your Magento Orders into One Stop Order Processing
Posted by OSOP Support, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 14 December 2018 02:29 PM

Using Magento 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 or below with One Stop Order Processing

This feature is available in the Lite, Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

 For a full video tutorial on how to manually import your Magento Orders into One Stop Order Processing, click here.

You can import your orders from Magento into One Stop Order Processing. For more information about One Stop Order Processing click here. For more information about Magento click here.

The following import method works with Magento version 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1.

To import your orders from Magento into One Stop Order Processing use the following procedure

1 Go to the following page and install the CSV & XLS Order Export extension.


If you want to trial this extension for Magento click on the Click for Demo button (on the above website) 

Once you have installed the extension (or used the demo site), login to your Admin page on your website (e.g. http://www.objeu627.co.uk/admin), example shown below:

On the main Admin Panel select the System->Configuration menu option, shown below: 

Magento Admin Panel 

. Once you are in the Configuration area, you will now need to select the different fields to export in the 'Export Field' area. As shown below, hold Control down and select the following fields:

Created At Original Price Shipping Street
Discount Amount Price Shipping Telephone
Grand Total Product Id Description
Increment Id Qty Ordered SKU
Order Currency Code Qty Shipped Weight
Shipping Amount Row Total Billing City
Shipping Description Tax Amount Billing Country Id
State Tax Percent Billing Email
Status Shipping City Billing First Name
Store Name Shipping Country Id Billing Last Name
Subtotal Shipping Email Billing Postcode
Tax Amount Shipping First Name Billing Street
Total Paid Shipping Last Name Billing Telephone
Name Shipping Postcode  

5 Once you have selected all the fields shown in the list, also make sure that the Use configuration product's info for export is set to Yes and Write order information only once is set to No , click Save Config at the top right, shown below:

Admin Panel Configuration 

You now need to make sure that the fields are exported in the correct order for One Stop Order Processing to map. To do this click on the Config Page.
You should click on Config Page AFTER clicking on Save Config.

7 You are shown the list of fields to export. You should put the numbers of the fields shown below next to the field where it appears on your screen. For example, if shipping_email appears as the fifth field put a 1 by that field in the right hand column (the Position column).

NOTE: The order of fields shown to you may not be the same as shown below. You should put the Position shown below next to the fields where they appear on your screen. When complete click on the Save button. 

When you on the main Orders view (under the Sales->Orders menu option) tick any orders you would want to export and in the Actions field select Fmo Order Export, this will create and download a file for you to import into One Stop Order Processing, shown below. 

Magento Extension Export

You can now import the orders into One Stop Order Processing. Click on the Import orders button ().

In the Import Orders dialog click on the Add button and select Magento, shown below: 

11 You will now need to give the import a name and select an order file by clicking on the ... button, shown below: 

Select Magento Order File

12 In the OSOP Options, under 'Use OSOP compatible header for order import file', and insert the following header line:

Delivery Email,Order date,Item quantity,Delivery Telephone,Shipped Qty,Delivery Lastname,Delivery Address line 1,Delivery Postcode,Delivery Firstname,Delivery Country,Delivery Address line 3,Item weight,NA,Invoice Firstname,Invoice Email,Invoice Lastname,Invoice Postcode,Invoice Telephone,Invoice Address line 1,Invoice Country,NA,Listed on,Invoice Address line 3,Item ID,Item price,Item title,NA,Item total,SKU,VAT rate,Item tax,NA,Total P&P,Currency,Discount,Sub-total,Shipping method,Total Tax,NA,Grand total,Order ID

Magento Custom Header Fields

13 When you have entered the header line, click OK and continue by Importing the orders.

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