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* Order Processing Overview
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Shown below is the main order processing screen, this is where you will complete the majority of your order processing tasks.

When in the 'Order Detail' view you will see various numerical fields based on the orders imported. By right clicking on the fields (e.g. the 'Item price' column), there are various options available that you can use; these are explained below.

Right Click Options


These consist of:

Total of figure This provides a total of the selected field (only applies to fields that are numerical)
Copy item to clipboard This copies the field of the selected order
Copy line to clipboard This copies the whole line of the selected order
Filter order list on items equal to this value This creates a filter using the type of field selected and the order details. (I.e. clicking on a date will show orders that are equal to the date of the order selected)
Filter order list on items less than or equal to this value This creates a filter based on the field selected and will show orders that are less than or equal to that value.
Filter order list on items greater than or equal to this value This will create a filter showing a list of orders that are either greater than or equal to the ones
Show Order Details This will open the order details dialog for the selected order
Issue Refund This will allow you to make the refund for an order and will mark the order as refunded
Highlight Colour This option allows you to set a colour to highlight the selected orders


Processing Orders


Example day of processing orders:

1) Importing your orders into One Stop Order Processing

2) Setting a filter to only show orders that are 'Not Shipped'

3) Checking order details if required (by right clicking on an order and selecting 'Show Order Details')

4) Selecting all orders to process and print a Picking List to view a list of all items that need to be packed for orders

5) Printing the invoices for the orders processed

6) Exporting order information to a courier (if used)

7) Marking orders as shipped

8) Sending Dispatch emails to customers


Displaying order details

You can display the current order details on a single order in any of the following ways:

- Double clicking the mouse on an order.

- Right click on an order and select the 'Show Order Details' option.

Order details pages

Each order is made up of the following pages:

Customer details
Items ordered
Order custom values

Processing orders

For each selected order you can print, preview, email the Invoice, Packing List or Purchase Order.

All the selected orders can also be marked as shipped, have their addresses formatted or the order tracking details published to a website for order tracking.

If you want to individually ship each item for an order (for example, if an order has 3 items and you only want to ship one of them), tick the 'Only include ticked order lines' option on the Display options.

If you are using this approach the order will only be marked as shipped, and be given a shipping date when all the order lines are shipped.

You can communicate with your customers by sending them emails to tell them what stage their order is at. Several default templates are supplied. You can amend these or create your own. Emails can be sent as HTML or plain text.


Order Display
Invoice, Packing List and Purchase Order Options
Printing Fields
Track Online
Formatting Address
Company Details
Report Options
Other Options

Order status selection

You can select which orders to show based upon a variety of ways, for example, when the order was placed.


This can be set to show orders only certain orders:

. Not shipped
. Paid and shipped (A complete order)
. Shipped
. Not paid or not shipped (And uncompleted order)
. Unpaid
. All orders
. Cancelled or On Hold

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