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The text (or macro) I put into a field is cut off OR it won't let me put in any more text
Posted by Pat Strassen, Last modified by Zoe Strassen on 16 October 2017 12:33 PM

Some fields on One Stop Order Processing can have macros in them, for example, Email header, Default Courier to use. These fields can only be up to a fixed number of characters, for example, the Default courier field can only be 50 characters long.

Below is an example of how you can use use values in fields that are longer than the number allowed.

When you ship orders with Amazon or Ebay you may want to use different text than is shown for the actual courier used. In this case you can use the Override Courier foe Ebay, Amazon etc. option on the Shipping tab, shown below:

One Stop Order Processing Shipping Options

If you want to show a different courier for different orders you can use a macro. For example, to show Royal Mail or MyHermes depending what the customer selected at the checkout on Ebay you would use the macro:

#!#[%PAYMENT_METHOD%][=]First Class[Royal Mail][MyHermes]#!#

When this value is copied into the order courier field it is too long to fit in the field (which is 50 characters long). 

To get around this you can reference a file to get the macro from.

To do this create a file, for example, C:\OSOP\Main\CourierMacro1.txt

In the file put the text #!#[%PAYMENT_METHOD%][=]First Class[Royal Mail][MyHermes]#!#

Then in the courier field in the dialog, shown above, put the line:


NOTE: The macro in the file has no size restriction and can be up to 64,000 characters long and also link to other files with macros in.

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