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How to import all active listings from Ebay and Amazon as a product
Posted by OSOP Support, Last modified by Beth Rose on 20 August 2018 11:04 AM

The following guide explains how to import all active listings from eBay and Amazon.

This feature is available with Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

Active listings can be imported from the supported sites (E.g. Ebay/Amazon) as Products allowing you to download various details such as the current stock levels, title, pricing and description etc.

To start, you will need to make sure you are using the Premium license key (or above) and have the automated import setup correctly.

On the Import Orders dialog (File > Import and Export > Import Orders or click on Import Orders button), there is an option to tick that allows you to choose the listing information you would like to import.

Tick the 'Update details from website' option and click on the '..' button as shown below:

Import Dialog Product details

This will take you to the following Website Details dialog, this is where you tick the details you would like to import when you download the active listings.

Product Import Options

Once you have chosen the details you would like to import, go to the Product Management area (Products > Manage... or click on Manage Products button).

To import your active listings, go to Products / Import / From Websites as shown below:

Import Products

This is where you select the import you are using which is linked to your store:

Import Products

This is where you choose whether to only import products that do not already exist, or to overwrite products that already exist, as well as to update information in products that exist already.

Import Products

You will now see all the active listings you have on your connected website as a product record, depending on the product information you chose to import you will be able to open up each product to take a look at them in more detail.

Import Products

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