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OSOP Keyboard Shortcuts
Posted by Zoe Strassen, Last modified by Jan Strassen on 28 September 2017 09:01 AM

The following is a list of the current keyboard shortcuts that can be used within OSOP

Control A If focus is on Find box, the find text is selected
If the focus is on the Order List, all orders are ticked
Control Shift A Unselect all orders
Control F Find
Control I Print invoice
Control Shift I Preview Invoice
Control N New Order
Control O Open Order
Control P Print Packing List
Control Shift P Preview Packing List
Control V Print Orders
Control L Print Courier Labels
Control Shift L Preview Courier Labels
Control W Print Order List
DELETE Key Delete
RETURN Key if focus is on the search box then Find Next, if focus is on the order list, the order is opened
F1 Key Help
F3 Key Find Next
F4 Key Find First
F5 Key Refresh Orders
F6 Key Refresh Orders including any hidden orders (from Display / Only show x orders)
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