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How to create a custom view with One Stop Order Processing.
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How to create a custom view with One Stop Order Processing-

This article will show you have to both customize a new view along with how to customize the main order page.

Custom views are perfect for organizing and arranging information so it is visible from one screen ; you can use them to customize your main order page.

  1. Click the ‘Customize Current View’ Icon. This will open a new window named ‘Select Fields to Display’
  2. To customize the current view, remain on the page you are currently on. To add a new view, click ‘New’ from here you can insert a new view name.
  3. You can add a field by choosing it from the ‘Available:’ list and moving it to ‘Selected:’ by clicking the arrow buttons.
  4. To move all the fields from ‘Available:’ to ‘Selected:’ or vice versa you can use the ‘All >’ button.
  5. Fields can be found more easily by selecting a field category beneath ‘Types:’.
  6. Once you have moved a field from ‘Available:’ to ‘Selected:’ you can use the ‘Down’ and ‘Up’ buttons allowing you to order your fields.
Click here for a more in depth guide on views and to see how to add formulae and calculations to help speed up your order processingVersion:1.0 StartHTML:000000228 EndHTML:000003701 StartFragment:000001852 EndFragment:000003669 StartSelection:000001852 EndSelection:000003669 SourceURL:http://moleend.helpserve.com/staff/Knowledgebase/Article/Edit/811

Equally you can customize your main page by choosing the order options you would like to appear, you can then set this as your 'default view'

7. Click on this icon

      8. Click customize
      9. It will bring up the screen pictured below

    10.From here you can choose what you want to see on the main orders screen and you can adjust the order you view them in with the up and down buttons
You can also customize what you want to appear in the fields, you can do this by double clicking on the name in the selected box and the following dialog box should appear.

You can then use the "Default Field Value" Field to enter your custom information, for example you can set the "listed on" field to always contain Ebay.

You can also use macros to customize your view, click here to see how to create macros
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