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How to Automatically import your Magento orders into One Stop Order Processing
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 23 October 2017 11:04 AM

How to setup One Stop Order Processing to automatically import orders from Magento 

This feature is available in Professional, Premium and Enterprise versions of One Stop Order Processing

One Stop Order Processing can automatically retrieve orders from Magento. You will need your Website, User Name and API Key.

To find this information use the following guide:

1 Login to your Magento store at: https://magento.com/, an example login is shown below, 

2 From the top menu select System-> Web Services-> SOAP/XML - RPC - Roles, shown below. 


 Click on the Add New Role button, shown below: 

4 Type in the Role Name of 1StopOrders and type in the Current Admin Password (the password that you use to login to your Magento website), shown below. 


5 Click on the Role Resources tab, on the left hand side. Select All from Resource Access and click on the Save Role button, shown below. 


6 You now need to create a user, using this role, to access the order details. From the top menu select System-> Web Services-> SOAP/XML - RPC - Users , shown below. 

7 Click on the Add New User button, shown below. 

8 Type in your user details. This is an account that will be used by One Stop Order Processing to access the order details. The email address can be any used by you. Emails are not normally sent to this email address from the Magento to One Stop Processing link. An example of details to enter are shown below.

NOTE : The details shown in blue (i.e. User Name and API Key) are the details entered into the Magento Order Import Information dialog. 


9 Click on the User Role tab on the left hand side of the screen and select 1StopOrders from the Roles List, shown below. Click on the Save User button 

10 Using the example user shown step 8, the Magento Order Import Information dialog would look like the following:

NOTE : You would normally leave the Folder to be


unless Magento is installed in a different location on your server.

If you are using Automation for One Stop Order Processing this can automatically import the orders for you. You will be informed when new orders are available. For more information see Automation for One Stop Order Processing 

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