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Automatic order processing - printing, shipping and order combining
Posted by Jan Strassen, Last modified by Beth Rose on 15 August 2018 08:28 AM

The following guide explains how to set up automatic order processing features such as printing, shipping and order combining.

This feature is available in the Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing

Setting up automatic order processing-

To set up automated order processing,go to the Import Orders dialog and click on the 'View / Edit Tasks' button as shown below.

One Stop Order Processing Set Up Import tasks

The Order Processing Tasks window will popup, it has several order processing options for you to choose from, tick the ones you want to include, then each time you automatically import order OR manually import and click on the 'close and process orders' button after importing, the orders will be processed.   So for example if you choose 'Format Address' and 'Print Invoices', each time orders are imported the address lines will be reformatted and an invoice will be printed on your printer.

Some selling channels (such as Ebay) will automatically merge orders if they are for the same customer when they are paid for at the same time. However, orders that are paid for separately, or are from different selling channels are treated as separate orders. (Premium and Enterprise versions)

In One Stop Order Processing, you can set up a task when you run an import to automatically combine orders when they have a certain detail in the order that match.

At the bottom of the Order Processing Tasks dialog tick the 'Automatically combine orders' option and click on the 'Settings' button.

One Stop Order Processing Tasks

You can choose from the following:

- Customer Name

- Company

- Address Line 1

- Post/Zip Code

This option can also combine orders from different selling channels and even update the shipping details on the relevant web sites

Order Fields to Check

These are the fields that should match if orders are to be combined. You must select at least one of the fields to compare. When the order details are compared all the ticked fields must match to be able to combine the orders.

Actions to Take when Orders found

You can decide to combine any matched orders, Change the colour of the combined order(s) and Include details of what orders have been combined (or could be combined) in the Notes fields of all the relevant orders.

One Stop Order Processing Automatic Order Combining

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