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AUTOMATICALLY CREATING LABELS FOR UKMAIL FOR YOUR EBAY, AMAZON, X-CART, EBID, SELLERDECK/ACTINIC (INCLUDING ACTINIC ONLINE), CUBECART, OSCOMMERCE, INTERSPIRE,CRE LOADED, EKMPOWERSHOP, PINNACLE CART, SHOPIFY, RAKUTEN, ROMANCART, PAYPAL, MAIL ORDER AND TELEPHONE SALES ORDERS This feature is available in Professional and Premium versions of One Stop Order Processing If you use the _UKMail Consignor_ Software system you can use _One Stop Order Processing_ to automatically print all of the select...
Some printers have a certain amount of memory that they can process at one time, therefore if sending a lot of invoices to the printer at once some images or features may be missed off. The way around this is to send your invoice to the printers in batches. This guide shows you how to setup this feature. * Click the Gear Icon to open the options menu  * Click the invoice options tab  * Tick Output to Printer Every ... and set it to 10.