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INTRODUCED IN VERSION You can print the RoyalMail Courier labels directly from One Stop Order Processing. You can also print other labels (e.g. PPI labels) using the new 6 x 4 label templates. To do this do the following: 1 Select the _Invoice Options_ or _Packing List Options tab _in Options. TO USE YOUR 6 X 4 LABEL PRINTER 2 Click on Other choice in the _Stationery to use _area 3 Select the _6 x 4 Label_ or _6 x 4 Label with Item SKUs_ from the _Select report_ dropdown list TO U...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION You can now import orders with Spanish characters into One Stop Order Processing (E.g. Ariño Gómez)
You can use the Netdespatch integration in test mode, this will allow you to create test labels for Uk Mail royal mail and Yodel. To use this feature if you select Test Mode on the Courier Setup page, shown below:
INTRODUCED IN VERSION For _Ebay_, _Amazon_, _Actinic Online,_ _Paypal_, _Magento_, _ekmPowershop_, _Pinnacle Cart_, _Other Shopping Carts_ (that use the _OSOP_ format), _Shopify_, _Tesco Direct_, _Groupon_ you can now use the _Get Tax Rate from Products_ option when importing orders.  This allows you to setup your products in _One Stop Order Processing_ and give each product their own VAT rate. If you then tick the _Split Tax out_ option in the _Import_ _Orders_ Dialog and also the _...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION This option has been added to this release of One Stop Order Processing.  You can add notes to orders within Ebay by using the Add Note option. By default, these are added to the Order Memo details tab within each order. You can change where these notes are stored in the Ebay options (to put the Seller Notes into an order's custom entered field). For more information use the link below: http://www.1stoporders.co.uk/1StopOrdersDefOAO.html [http://www.1stoporders...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION You can now include totals in the footer for Picking Lists. You any of the following macros to include totals for the orders and products shown in the Picking List. [%TOTAL_LINE_ITEMS%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_TAX%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_SHIPPING%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_SHIPPING_TAX%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_TOTAL%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_TOTAL_TAX%] [%TOTAL_SALES_PRODUCT_GRAND_TOTAL%] [%TOTAL_LINE_ITEMS%] For more information on these (and o...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION If you amend an Ebay order and change the address details they are not transferred over to One Stop Order Processing. This is now fixed in this release. To enable this feature you should tick 'Include Selling Manager order details (e.g. Notes)' when you click on the _Edit_ button on an _Ebay_ Import type in the _Import dialog_.
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When someone orders more than 1 item from your Rakuten store the invoice does not show the correct order total. This problem has been resolved in this version of One Stop Order Processing.
INTRODUCED IN VERSION The _Only include orders where payment made_ option does not work for all imports. This feature now works for all order types.
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When the country is found from the ISO code the wrong country code is shown (e.g. Guadeloupe (French) is shown rather than Guadeloupe). This issue has now been resolved in this version. All the ISO country codes are now stored in the IL_Countries.ini file. This file can be amended and updated as necessary.
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When you delete a product, if it is used in Order Type SKUs in other products these are not removed. This means that orders can still reference the wrong SKU if they reference the deleted SKU. This problem has been resolved in this release.