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INTRODUCED IN VERSION Previously when you import orders from Actinic Desktop / Sellerdeck, any items on an order that are cancelled are ignored. Now, any cancelled items (or a quantity of an item is cancelled) are now taken into account when imported. The items are now correct in One Stop Order Processing and show the correct total to ship for an order.
We offer additional reports for free to people using our label paper. To find details of our paper and report software: You first need to go to: http://www.integratedlabels.co.uk/ [1] and login with your Username and Password. These will have been sent to you when you ordered some paper. Please note the password is case sensitive. Then click on the Download tab and select the product you require. Choose from Actinic, Amazon, Ebay, PlayTrade, osCommerce, Sage, Interspire, Quic...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION There can be an issue with importing orders from some Actinic Dekstop / SellerDeck orders with some setups of SQL Server. This has now been resolved.
INTRODUCED IN VERSION If you use the barcode value in Actinic Desktop/SellerDeck (by turning on the Actinic Desktop/SellerDeck EPOS option) when you import the orders into One Stop Order Processing this is mapped to the EAN. For more details on importing Actinic Desktop/SellerDeck orders click on the following link: Importing Orders from Actinic/SellerDeck [http://www.1stoporders.co.uk/ActinicOrders.html]
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When products are imported and they have different options in SellerDeck/Actinic. if you tick this option they will be created as unique products in One Stop Order Processing. This means that you can use stock control correctly. For example, if you sell a product in different sizes you can create different products in One Stop Order Processing for each size, with their own stock values. When orders are imported the correct product in the correct size has its stoc...