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How to Download your Amazon FBA Orders: Although your Amazon FBA orders are fulfilled by Amazon, sometimes it could be a good idea to import your orders so you can carry out further tasks e.g. send a follow up email. This is easy to set up. 1. Open the import dialog by clicking on the following icon 2. Click Add 3. Set your import type "Amazon(Seller Central) 4. If you are using the Professional or Premium version then you can import from website  , otherwise you can import from file ...
Amazon have released a service called Amazon Business 2 business, this means that they now send information to OSOP in a slightly different format. We have added a new option to prevent any issues regarding pricing.  -  Click the import dialog button, * Select your Amazon import * Click 'Options' * Tick the options 'Order items include tax ...'
HOW TO SETUP THE AUTOMATED ORDER IMPORT FOR AMAZON  Click the image to view the video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDIyiZIOK6c]
When you select the amount of time between runs for Amazon, you will need to make sure that this is set to at least 1 minute. We recommend setting it to a minimum of 2-5 minutes to ensure there are no issues. There is a set amount of 60 runs per hour that can be made. The program will stop you from importing orders if you make more than this amount. When setting up the automated import for Amazon in the Automation for One Stop Order Processing, there is a limit to the amount of runs to make....