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AUTOMATED ORDER IMPORT (PROFESSIONAL / PREMIUM VERSIONS) - RECOMMENDED ** It is easy to set One Stop Order Processing up to import orders automatically, you simply have to setup a new import feed and authorise OSOP with Ebay. Once this is done you can then choose to import orders at scheduled times or simply click a button to import your orders.  The knowledgebase articles below explain how to set this up. The link below explains how to configure your sites: Import Ebay orders automatica...
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When you import orders that use the Ebay Click and Collect at Argos or Ebay Global Shipping Programme these are now imported correctly. With both of these order types (Ebay Click and Collect at Argos or Ebay Global Shipping Programme) the tracking number is stored in the order notes field. The tracking number is shown in Delivery Address Line 2.  
INTRODUCED IN VERSION This option has been added to this release of One Stop Order Processing.  You can add notes to orders within Ebay by using the Add Note option. By default, these are added to the Order Memo details tab within each order. You can change where these notes are stored in the Ebay options (to put the Seller Notes into an order's custom entered field). For more information use the link below: http://www.1stoporders.co.uk/1StopOrdersDefOAO.html [http://www.1stoporders...
The date used is the either the created or modified date for the Ebay order.