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INTRODUCED IN VERSION If your automatically import your Ebay orders (using Professional or higher) and you want to update order payment status's you need to tick the _'Overwrite existing orders (e.g. to update paid status)'._ This is shown below. For more information on configuring importing Ebay orders click on the following link: http://www.1stoporders.co.uk/1StopOrdersAutoEbay.html [http://www.1stoporders.co.uk/1StopOrdersAutoEbay.html]
INTRODUCED IN VERSION When you import orders from different countries that use the same currency character (e.g. USA, Canada or Australia), it can be useful to store the ISO currency code. This will allow you to differentiate between what currency was used. To do this click on the options button in the _Ebay_ options and tick the _Store order ISO currency code_ option. You can then select which custom field to put the value in. You have a choice of 1 to 50. To show this field in th...