Welcome to the One Stop Order Processing help desk

Posted by Zoe Strassen on 19 July 2019 11:53 AM

We are no longer using this support desk, please use the below link to navigate to the correct support desk, or email us at support@1stoporders.co.uk


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Click and Drop Labels Producing slowly
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 01 July 2019 11:31 AM

Click and Drop servers are currently overloaded with requests produce postage labels.

This is causing Click and Drop desktop to lock and not produce labels.

To help to resolve this please open Click and Drop desktop, Switch to the "Settings" tab and in the "Advanced preferences" turn on "Use polling".

If you need further assistance please reply to this email. 

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Amazon Invalid Credentials - One Stop Order Processing
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 14 June 2019 09:35 AM

We have had a number of reports this morning that some Amazon imports are not importing correctly. If this is the case please re-setup your import using the guide below.


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Click and Drop Labels Generating slowly
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 28 May 2019 01:17 PM

If you are experiencing an issue with Royal Mail Click and Drop labels generating slowly we advise that you restart your PC. The reason being Click and Drop has been running slowly due to the volume of orders being processed after the bank holiday weekend causing Click and Drop desktop to lock, by restarting your PC you can resolve this.

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Amazon Shipped Status
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 08 May 2019 12:29 PM

Amazon have made some changes to their shipping API.

Download the latest beta below to use the new API.

Please take a backup of your database and settings before installing.


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Royal Mail Netdespatch Integration
Posted by Zoe Strassen on 05 April 2019 10:12 AM
We have been working on an improved Royal Mail integration, using Royal Mail Click and Drop. This has automatic importing of tracking numbers ( and track and trace codes) back into One Stop Order Processing, which will be available in the next few weeks (this can currently be done manually).

As you may have already heard Netdespatch will no longer be supporting Royal Mail from 31/5/19. However, they will still be supporting the other couriers that you may use
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