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Tip: Making the most of the Automation Scheduler in One Stop Order Processing
Posted by Joe Szczygielski on 28 January 2015 12:32 PM

In a recent release of One Stop Order Processing (, we added the automated import of orders allowing users of eBay, Amazon and Actinic Desktop/SellerDeck orders to automate the order download process.

When using the One Stop Automated order import, it is possible to set a scheduled time for your orders to be collected and imported from your selling channels such as eBay or Amazon.

By scheduling a time for your orders to be imported into One Stop Order Processing, you can set it to import just at the right time for you to process orders making it a more efficient process.

For more information about how to run the scheduler in One Stop Order Processing, take a look at the following link:


NOTE: This applies to users of Standard Plus or higher.

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