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#TTT Predictive stock levels
Posted by Beth Rose on 13 February 2018 03:39 PM

#TTT Predictive stock levels

In this weeks ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ post we will be covering One Stop Order Processing Predictive Stock Levels feature. One Stop Order Processing will predict when you need to order stock based on past sales.

The Issue

 There is no worse feeling than when you are middle of packing orders and you go to pack an order and find that the stock is not available, in most cases, the order will just have to wait for next shipment of the product to come in, but worst-case scenarios may involve you having to cancel the order.

1StopOrders Solution

One Stop Order Processing includes a predictive stock level solution. It looks at your sales history and product details and predicts the stock quantities you will need to order going forward.

It is easy to setup, you just have to enter a few simple details in your products, you can then generate a report at a chosen time showing you which products need to be ordered to make sure that they don’t run out of stock. This process can even be set up to at a chosen time the report will be emailed to you showing each product that needs to be ordered.

How it Works?

1StopOrders calculates the required stock to order based on the values you have entered in the Number of Days of stock to hold, the time period to look at and then it looks at the average number of times the item has been ordered in your chosen number of days and predicts the amount of stock you will need to buy, your product delivery lead time is also taken into account.

All of this information is given to you in an easy to understand report which can be either printed or previewed showing the stock that needs to be ordered.

To see our full blog post - https://www.bloglovin.com/@ecommercemole/ttt-predictive-stock-levels

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