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Batch mode for One Stop Order Processing
Posted by Beth Rose on 07 March 2018 11:36 AM

In this week’s Top Tip Tuesday post we will be covering the advantages of running One Stop Order Processing in Batch mode.

The Issue

Lots of your time is spent sending out individual after sales emails or exporting files to specific locations.

1StopOrders Solution

One Stop Order Processing can be run in Batch mode, this allows multiple tasks to completed without user interactions. Some of these processes can be sending out after sales emails, sending invoices as orders are imported or even simpler process’ such as exporting a file in a specific format at specific times to be picked up by other software’s.

How it Works?

This process takes a little setting up, however once it is in place the tasks will run automatically at selected times without you having to do anything. The processes are set up using command line options. Command line options tell the software to run specific tasks in a specific order with the result being the desired tasks are completed without any intervention from you. This can then be run using One Stop Order Processing's automation tool or other automation tools such as Windows Task Scheduler.

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