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Our Top 5 Tips to Help You Have the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Yet!

For many Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are the busiest days of the selling year with traffic increasing by 220% last year when compared to a normal day in November. BFCM are both such versatile events from the largest of companies such as Argos and Target creating great profits as well as the smallest businesses and start-ups. Here are our top tips to getting the most out of the biggest selling opportunity of the year.


Is Everything Working?

Technology not working as we would like it to is infuriating on every other day of the year never mind on the biggest selling opportunity of the year. Simply checking that all your systems are working will take no time at all and allows you to solve and getting support if any issues happen to arise.

You alternatively compact and repair your database allowing you to reduce the chance of anything going wrong! For more information click here.

Also, you can archive your order, this is something that can help not just on BFCM but all year round! For a tutorial of how to archive you orders click here.

For OSOP support you can read how to articles from our Knowledge Base here.  

For the different ways contact us for support click here.

Alternatively, we have a YouTube Channel here. Subscribe whilst you’re there for new how to videos that are uploaded every Wednesday!


Have you tidied up?

If you have been into any brick-and-mortar shop recently, then you will see that employees are frantically trying to put away old stock so new stock can be added. Although your stock isn’t being physically put on to shelves, if you don’t keep your database clean you could still face some problems. For Example, the Lite version of OSOP only allows the import of 5000 orders per site. After this you will have to import onto a new site.

Click here for a guide on how to purge and delete orders along with how to archive orders.

Alternatively, you can use out auto-archive feature, this would move orders into a new site for you after a chosen amount of days after they have been imported. Click here for some more details.

Is your processing method as streamlined as it could be?

One Stop Order Processing provides lots of ways to personalize different order information all into one view. You can see all the most appropriate information for your company or business. With over 100 fields to choose from and the ability to customize your own fields, the options really are endless!

To learn more about fields click here.

You can also organise you orders by highlighting them within specific colours, this will make orders easy to find especially during the busy seasons! Here is a video about highlighting and changing highlighted colours.

We also offer the opportunity to create custom views. Custom views are perfect for organizing and arranging information, so it is visible from one screen; you can use them to customize your main order page. If you want to be organised at anytime of the year, then BFCM are defiantly the days!

To know more in depth about customizing views click here.

Postal Services –

BFCM is the busiest shopping time of the year and often postal services and couriers are bombarded with parcels being shipped all over the world. However, last year many business’ fell victim to unreliable couriers who were unable to meet there shipping needs – this then causes angry customers and its just not a pleasant for anyone involved! Learn from the mistakes business made last year and consider emergency shipping options maybe even different couriers!

For information into adding couriers and tracking details into One Stop Order Processing click here.

Or to watch a video about adding custom couriers click here.


Adding that personal touch!

For many people BFCM offer the opportunity to get the perfect present at a reduced price. To reduce the stress of what is a very busy and tiring season for most, some customers may enquire or request that a gift message.

One Stop Order Processing offers the opportunity to add a gift message to any orders that you send. For more information and a walk through guide click here.


BFCM are only a handful of days away, we hope you have found our tips useful! Although all these tips will help during this heavy selling season they can be used all year round. If you have any questions or need any support, click here for the different methods.


We hope you have the most successful BFCM yet. If any of our tips or advice helped you this season we would love you hear from you!

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