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At One Stop Order Processing, we create new 'how to' videos weekly.

This week we show you how to adjust your export options in One Stop Order Processing.

Find the video here -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hMtybrSKAo

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Automatic Order Import

In this weeks ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ post we will be covering One Stop Order Processing’s feature to Automatically Import orders.

The Issue

You need access to your orders to process them, either throughout the day or at specific times of the day. Downloading orders can be time consuming, so ideally you want them to be available just when you need them

1StopOrder's Solution

Orders can be imported from your selling channel every so often or at times chosen by you, you can set it up to download every so often (so 30 minutes, 10 minutes and so on), at certain times of day (8am, 1pm and 3pm for example), they are then ready for you to process exactly when you need them.

How it Works?

One Stop Order Processing can connect to your selling channels via an API connection, you then define your schedule based on your order processing requirements and One Stop Order Processing downloads your orders for you based on your schedule. You can schedule each of your selling channels, so there is no need for you to go to each one and collect your orders, our software will manage them all for you in the background.

Extra Tip?

Combine the automatic import with Automatic printing so every time you receive a new order the invoice will print on your printer.

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Automatically Printing Invoices and other Reports.
Posted by Beth Rose on 15 March 2018 09:53 AM

In this week’s ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ post we will be covering One Stop Order Processing’s feature - Automatically Printing invoices and other reports

The Issue

If you print your invoices one by one, It can be quite time-consuming, even printing in batches can be slow as you have to wait for the print to complete.

1StopOrders Solution

Invoices can be automatically printed when orders are imported at chosen intervals throughout the day. So that when you come into begin processing orders, the invoices are on the printer ready to go. As orders come in throughout the day they can continue to be processed

How it Works?

From within One Stop Order Processing you can setup Order Processing tasks to be performed as orders are imported.

Top Tip

You can print your packing list after each invoice to save time pairing them up later.

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