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No we don't. We want you to advertise your business and provide a more professional communication with your customers.
The label is the same size as a credit card. An example of what can be achieved is shown below:
There are free samples of our Integrated Label paper available. To request a free sample of Integrated Labels paper, you will have to visit http://www.integratedlabels.co.uk/index.html [http://www.integratedlabels.co.uk/index.html]. Once you are on the home page, click on the link 'Free Samples'. When you have clicked on the free samples link, you will be taken to a page where you can order now which will add the sample to your cart. The sample will then appear in your shopping cart read...
Yes, as long as you use a good quality (original manufacturer) toner and set the paper type to heavy (95 gsm or more) in the printer settings.
Integrated Labels are also known as: Delivery notes Intergrated Labels Embedded Labels Invoice Labels Picking sheets Picking labels Cart Paper Label paper Packing notes Picking slips Labels in Paper Return forms Integrated labels Integral labels Peel out labels Shipping Labels Packing Slip Invoice Paper Peel-off labels
There are a variety of uses. Some are described below: Remove the bottom section of the A4 sheet once both labels have been removed as no useful information is printed onto the remaining invoice/packing list area. Use 1 of the labels to attach to the package and remove then bottom section (with the second label) to put in with the goods. The second label has a return address, account details or special offer on them.
As a general rule for retail customers single label paper is ideal. But for business to business (b2b) users, 2 labels may be more appropriate (as the invoice is normally sent to a different person and the goods to another).
Yes. After extensive research, in 2002 we defined our paper specification. The label size and location has not changed since that time.